Welcome to my Spot 


Black Coffee mug and Muffins

Heyyy! I just wanted to say WELCOME to all my first time visitors! I am so excited about taking this Journey 2gether! I know you don’t know me from a hill of beans, but hey, I’m in this for the long hall! So let’s journey!

Welcome to my place

I love themes!! If there were a common theme or statement when it comes to anyone visiting my home, no matter where I have lived, this comes to mind, “Wow! Your place is so comfortable and peaceful.” That being said, I want to make sure you are comfortable. This Blog is made specifically with you in mind. It’ll be like we are chillin at my place; i just made some real good coffee; pulled the throws from out of the front room hamper; and we are about to get our talk on; eat; maybe watch a movie. Do you need me to adjust the temperature for you, because I don’t mind! Life is meant to be done together, so what’s up girlfriend?

What is this Blog about?

The best thing I have ever done was allowed God to bring great women around me to do life 2gether. And now that I have moved to the big, beautiful city of Charlotte, and I am no longer around my buddies, I can tell the difference. Yes, they are only a phone call away, but there’s nothing like heading over to one of their homes and just talkin and hangin. I miss them so much! Life seems a tad lonely now, but thankfully I understand that this season of my life is about me and Him. Like you, I am on a journey to finding out all that I am in Christ. And I can’t do it alone. Would you like to join me?

Okay, well, come on in! Pull off your shoes and relax! We won’t always meet in my home, we’ll find a great spot to hang and discuss life 2gether. We’ll see what God desires for us concerning every day life, and even pray together. More than anything, I hope you enjoy this blog. You can even invite your friends too. Allow me to be your big sister, of sorts, and let’s do life 2gether. You ready? Let’s Journey!

Your sis,                                                                                                                                                                   Angel