Your Story has Already Been Written 


24Good morning sis! We’re sitting in front of the Television.  I’m not sure if you have seen the movie “Bruce Almighty” starring funny man Jim Carey. Boy is he a goofball! The movie of course is a hilarious movie about a man dissatisfied with how his life had turned out and decided to challenge God, saying “Smite me Almighty Smiter.” The next day he of course gets a visit from God, played by Morgan Freeman. God challenges him, Bruce, to try to be God. Bruce took the challenge, and for those who haven’t seen I won’t spoil it for you.

One thing I like to do is find out if the movie has commentary or deleted scenes because they often lead to the reasons of why things are the way they are in that movie. In this particular movie, I watched the deleted scenes. There was one scene I wished they hadn’t left out. This is a scene we all could learn from.

(Beware **MOVIE SPOILER ALERT ** Below)  

If you have seen the movie, do you remember the part where Bruce, after deciding to take on the role as God, has to answer the prayers of millions of people? Well, he gets tired and decides to answer “Yes” to everyone. He felt this was the best idea, but in all naturality it caused major issues, not just in his city, but around the world. Everything was connected.

What they didn’t show was before he answered “yes”, he wanted to right a few wrongs in the life of others. One example, a young boy asked God to help him in gym class. He had some testing and he wanted to do well, and not be made fun of by his bullies. Bruce decided to help him. The young man who was heavy set (we would say fat), climbed the rope faster than everyone, having all of his bullies in stare in awe. Bruce felt that he helped the young man, but God, Morgan, showed him opposite.  The bad thing about this was that the young man, who would have become a famous author, and would write books on how to come out of adversity, based on his childhood experiences, would now become a bully, and later take on professional wrestling which got him nowhere, all because Bruce changed his destiny, not realizing the young mans life had already been planned.

Each of us have a purpose in life and believe it or not it has already been written out and planned by God. How do I know this?  

Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began. (Psalm 139:16)

So why would we want to detour from a life already planned? Maybe we don’t believe God will show us.  It could be we aren’t patient enough to wait. Or maybe we don’t like His plans. Possibly the world’s ideas are bigger, better, faster.

Imagine If          

Noah would have not been faithful to God’s plan in building the boat. Abraham decided to stay with his family and not listen to God when he told him to leave his family. Moses would rather have stayed in the palace with Pharaoh, and not rescue his people. Ruth went back home with Orpah. Ester valued being queen over saving her people. Daniel decided to bow. Mary said no to the Angel.  Jesus called the Angel’s down to rescue Him, and decided not to die for us. Paul didn’t travel to Damascus.

How much different would our world be as Believers? Many of us wouldn’t even be here.

Your life matters. Your purpose matters. Going to God about your life matters. If you were not born, think about the lives that wold be impacted.


Sis, I want you to pull out some paper, and really take your time with this. First, sit down and have some quiet time. Think about your life, good and the bad. If those things, good and the bad, would not have happened where would you be? Second,  who surrounded you at those times? If those things wouldn’t have happened, where would others be? Would they be non-existent because of your decisions?

I know sexual abuse is horrific, but I wouldn’t have impacted as many women in my life if my story hadn’t been shared. If Tamar’s, King David’s daughter, story wasn’t in the Bible, I wouldn’t have had any hope after asking God 9 years ago, “Is there anyone I could relate to in the Bible?” Did God do this? No! Someone else decided to trespass against me. We live in a evil and fallen world. But, God helped me through it so I can help others. 90% of the women who surround me have been through sexual abuse, and that’s not a coincidence baby! And guess what, all this was written in my book. I can choose to sink in my sorrows or I can chose to save the lives of others.

Let’s pray,

Father I thank you for my sister reading this at this very moment. She may not understand her life right now, but You do. You tell us that we can “approach your throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Heb 4:6). You also said you know the plans you have for each of us. You didn’t say we couldn’t know them. I pray that my sister will step past fear and see you as a good Father who desires for them to know what You have written about them since the beginning of time. We won’t know what to do in our life without Your plans. We will continue to go after nonsense and waste our time. We can’t afford to waste anymore time. Help us Lord to discover all that you have for us, In Jesus’s name we pray this, Amen!!!

Until, next time sis! Feel free to share what you have learned and discovered about what God has written about you below in the comments. And make sure to invite your friends to the Journey! We’d love to meet her! Love you!

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