Scroll Control

I have been reluctant to blog about this, but I was encouraged to share. 😝 I want to be faithful to my blog name… The Journey 2GetHer (To Get Her). I’m really on this journey to find out ALL that I am in Christ. And I’ve made many adjustments in my life. Now, I’ve attempted this journey before, but this is the most consistent I’ve been in it… With the Lord’s help of course. God changed my location…lol! I’ve changed my diet… I am now a practicing Vegetarian. I now have an actual schedule. I’m still working on that budget…halfway there. I workout 4-5 times a week (a miracle). And I have put myself on “Scroll Control”

Scroll Control? 

What the heck is Scroll Control. Well in the season I am in, I don’t have a lot of things I am desiring. I noticed, maybe two months…or three…ago, that a sistah was getting frustrated, angry, jealous, and overly…well, judgemental(that took me a while to type out) as I scrolled through social media. Though I didn’t post about it, but inwardly I did! I mean I felt like God was being so mean to me, not letting me have what I wanted, but noooooooo, He’s giving it to everyone else, and that wasn’t fair. And when I say judgemental, I’d say things like: “Aww, heck naw, she’s getting married? God, she’s like 13!”, or  “What the heck! God, she’s getting married again? Can I have a stinkin turn? Dang!” or “Alright, now this ain’t fair! They ain’t even married, and they get to have babies?” 😳😒 So yeah, that’s the truth. And I’m not that proud to admit it. I wasn’t mad at the peoole, just the situation. Especially when they weren’t happening to me. But that also showed the areas I needed to grow up in. 👀

So something had to change, and change fast. So I put myself on Scroll Control. I completely got off of my favorite… Instagram, and I was only allowed to get on Facebook to check Messages, Post on my page, or scroll only on my page. No Scrolling down my news feed or going on anyone else’s page. (Yes, I could respond to who tags me).  It’s a cure to comparison I tell you that! I miss seeing what people are up too, but it even shows me who my real friends are. 😁 Seriously, who’s calling to check up on me?  I’ve also had the chance to actually call others, rather than scroll and “like”. It’s  been a mental blessing too.

So, anyways, yeah that’s “Scroll Control”… Highly recommended… Father approved. I’m learning to appreciate myself and where God has me. Comparison is a death trap. So though these days it’s not the norm, try it. It’ll change your life!


Do something different. Currently I am making adjustments in my life. One of those things are consistency in working out regularly. For two weeks I have worked out 4-5 times a week. Today God said, “How about going running?” And of course I didn’t want to, but lately I have sensed a calling to trust over my life. Meaning if God suggests it…I do it! That includes becoming a vegetarian. He knows why, and I don’t have to know why. Following this has transformed me not just physically but spiritually. There’s freedom in being obedience and trusting God… AND freedom in switching things up and doing something different. I highly recommend it! Plus it shows everyone around me that I love Him! 😊

But I do as the Father has commanded me, so that the world may know that I love the Father. Rise, let us go from here. – John 14:31

The Art of Letting Go


There is an art to letting go. It has us going back to the basics of being a believer in Christ Jesus. It has us going back and visiting the moment we said yes. Before we became a know it all in “All things Christ.” Before we got caught up in the wars of true grace, religious spirits, judging, and every other area we feel we can justify ourselves. It’s before we decided that there were more ways to Christ then His perfect sacrifice on the Cross. The more I think about it the more I see how the plate in front of me has become too big for me to eat, when I’ve been warned to slow down.

I’ve been a believer for only 15 years, yes only 15. If you are new at this don’t be discouraged, be very grateful that you don’t have much to unlearn. As for me I am dedicated to learning and unlearning anything that hinders me from having victory in Christ Jesus.  And if you are reading this blog and you aren’t a Christian or a Believer in Christ, hopefully by the time you’re done reading this you’ll understand what’s going on and won’t be hindered in your search for Him.

Quick History Lesson

The Pharisees, also known as the separated ones, started out well with a movement for purity for the things of the Lord, but didn’t care too much for the Gentiles, non-Jewish or heathen. Their zealous fight for that separation turned out to be the very thing Jesus taught against, “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Yes there should be a seperation from the practice of worldly things (Read Romans 12:2), but it should never cause you to hate others. This only leads to pride and self-righteousness. The Sadducees, were men who were particularly wealthy and were in places of political authority. They were against the oral law of the Pharisees and didn’t believe in angels, demons, resurrection or the coming Messiah. And the Scribes, they were a group of people who were well educated and who’s job was to teach and interpret the law. They were also the ones who prosecuted the people who violated the law. This is who Saul, now Paul was. They belonged to the party of Pharisees. The sad thing is,  that they covered up Scriptures with their man-made law, adding to what God had given Moses. Not good! This only added rules, crushing the spirit of the Jewish community.

Do you see where I’m going with this? What you are seeing now is only being revisited by the Christian Community. And I only told you about three groups, but there are many more. In our day they are called denominations. And we rip and tear at each other. Thinking one is better and only one is right. All who claim, “God said…”

I Apologize

Let me first apologize to both you and the new Believers. First to the new Believer: I’m sorry that maybe right now you are utterly confused about what you should be like as a Christian. You are not crazy, you just entered a crazy, yet familiar time even Jesus had to face with the three groups I mentioned above, the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. All who were God’s chosen people the Israelites. Who throughout time decided to take matters into their own hands.

I apologize for your frustrations. I pray that you are in a community of Believers who simply walk by faith and the authority of Christ. You will know them by their fruit, not just by how many people attend their church, but by the love of the people who attend that church accompanied by the souls won, discipled, and sent out.

In many years where people got it wrong, they are now turning back to how to do this thing called Life in Christ, correctly! You are blessed to not have entered that way of thinking at all. So hold on. Keep walking by faith.

To the non-believer: You are on the outside looking in, saying what the heck is going on? I’m sorry if the name Christian disgusts you or turns you away from the very person you are looking for, and that is Jesus. Our actions are now speaking louder than our words, and we don’t have to even say anything to prove we have ventured far off from the Gospel of Christ.

 Because of our insecurities with each other, we have become the same with you.

I apologize if you have felt rejected or bullied into becoming “One of us” when none of us died for you. Christ died for you, and for me. Look for Him, not us. Now let me clarify something. I say us, because I do represent the church, but please believe me when I say that not everyone in the church are alike. Just like they had the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes back in the days of Jesus, there were still those who truly followed Christ. They weren’t perfect, but they believed in the Perfect One. And these were his disciples. It’s his disciples who changed the world, His disciples who were persecuted for sticking with what He taught and believed, His disciples who even loved on and talked to Saul, now Paul, after he persecuted and killed off their friends and even family members. After God got ahold of him, they showed the love of Christ and welcomed him into the family of faith. He in turn, with the help of Christ, changed history.  So I welcome you and invite you into the greatest love you’ll ever ever know. I pray you can look past the dysfunction of the human being and look to Christ, the Author and finisher of our faith.

In saying all of this. There is an art of letting go and returning to what Christ started in your heart and life. Regardless of how long you have been in this walk you can turn back to what was originally started in you, and this is how:

1. Repent and ask God to forgive you for taking over what He started.

2. Hand the Reigns back over to Him and you get back into the passengers seat.

3. Pick up your Bible and READ IT for yourself, study it, and pray for God to give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to be able to live it out.

4. Live it Out


Father I thank you so much for your patience with us. You say you are being patient with us because you don’t want any of us destroyed but you want everyone to repent(Read 2 Peter 3:9). So we repent in how we have dismantled  your truths, each other and those who don’t know You yet. Forgive us for any pride or self-righteousness. You are a good and Perfect God to imperfect people, and You still love us. Help us to turn back to what you started in us and help us to stop trying to go our own way. It’s causing dysfunction and hurt. We are Your body, Your Church, and if one thing is out of place so is everything else. Restore us Lord, in the name of Jesus I pray this,  Amen.

If you are not a believer in Jesus yet, or you’re considering, you can ask Him into your life right now and He will take it from there,  if you let Him. He wants to start a good work in your life. 😊 Just simply ask Him to come in. Then turn from what you do, and face Him, turning your back completely on your way of living. Find you a good Bible believing, Christ following, people loving church. Remember, no one is perfect, just being perfected.


What’s Your Mountain

“You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” – Unknown 

This quote blew my mind as I read it on a gentleman’s blog! I actually started dancing at work when I saw it. Of course it reminded me of what Jesus said in Mark 11:23, ” I tell you the truth, you can say to the mountain…” And then I begin thinking  of the mountains I face…Are they there for me to conquer, so I can help others see they can do the same? Many people don’t realize they can do something until it’s proven in the lives of others. I smile at mountains now, with plans in hand,  ready to conquer. 

What are your mountains? Let’s decided 2GetHer TODAY! We’re gonna tell it to move. And then we’re gonna show others how to do the same!!!!! 

You need to Get up and Get Out! 

“You stay where you wanna stay!” – Real Talk Kim                                       

 It’s been suggested once that my approach can seem a bit insensitive concerning the feelings of others who are dealing with things I haven’t been through, but if you really knew me and my heart to see women free, you’d know that even if the issue you deal with is something I’ve been through or not, its the residue left behind from that particular issue that I have a problem with, not the person. It’s about what’s BEING done to you that gets me tee’d off.  Don’t let my quietness during a conversation, my asking of questions, or referral to Scripture seem like judgment or lack of passion.  It’s the schemes of the enemy that pisses me off. How he gets us to buy into his stupid lies.  How he has women claiming things that aren’t theirs.  How he has us not knowing our authority in Christ, and passive in our movement. We stay stuck for years, blaming others, the world and God! We have a enemy who we have learned to tolerate. And until we learn to have a perfect hatred for our enemy like David had for his, Satan will continue to bully us until he completes his only job, which is to utterly steal, kill, and destroy! How good of a job is he doing in your life? 

 This Generation

This generation has canceled out who Satan is in the Earth. They no longer make known his doings; they blame themselves; sickness and disease are only known to be natural and no longer spiritual with root causes; we fight against each other…not him. You guys! Can’t you see what we are lacking? The basics of the Word of God. Scripture backs up everyone of these situations.

This generation of believers tend to be a little lost, I will explain this more in my “How big is your But?” blog. We have denied our rights to be healed, set free, and delivered. I’m talking about my generation. And we can have every excuse about who did what… But guess what,  that solves nothing and also proves what I just said, we deny Christ the opportunity to be all that He can be…at least for our lives. Unbelief easily blocks what God has for us! But God’s not gonna stop working for those who do believe. And you know who they are. You know those Believers, the ones with Joy, even though they are or are not going through something. The ones willing to go out and spread the gospel for real-for real. The ones not fixated on themselves. The ones you scoff at and secretly bet they have to be faking or being religious, cause there ain’t no way they can have all that peace or joy. Yes they can! And the reason they have, is because they have received what Christ has offered and have no excuses! They Got up!   Jesus still heals and delivers. I’m not just talking about sickness and disease; but mindsets, disorders, demons, etc. It’s sad that healing or deliverance for the Believer is straight up unheard of or even unacceptable in the church, and has become second nature to us.

 Why am I talking about this today? Because I was thinking about why we aren’t like the people the in the Bible…the ones Jesus healed, and delivered. And and when I read their stories over and over again, they have these three things in common : 1.) They WENT after it, 2.) They WANTED it. 3.) They BELIEVED Jesus could do it! Do we? 

He Was Lame

John 5 tells us of the man who had been lame for over 38 years. But guess what:

  1. Everyone there was in the same situation he was in. 

2. He had his excuses, but when Jesus offered healing,  he could have continued to give an excuse but didn’t. 

3. He recieved what was offered and then… he got up! And everyone else stayed right where they were. 

Jesus is willing to heal you, but are you willing to receive it and then get up and walk…regardless of how long its been? 

38 Years…Aint gonna happen boo? 🤔

I love this story so much because I can relate. I decided at the age of guess what…age 37, to get up and Get Out! It took some time and some small steps. Y’all, I ain’t waitin by nobodies pool to be healed. I refuse to go into 38 bound! My decision was yesterday while lying in bed. I found myself in a deliverence session, alone and with God. The angels were my elders. I was praying out loud with authority, which is a miracle. You are the first that I’ve ever told this to, but I was always afraid to pray out loud, for myself,  fearing that Satan would hear me and hurt me. Yes, me Angel, the fearless warrior! I’m letting you in… we’re on a journey for growth together, right? I can pray for everyone else, but not me. Yes that WAS  me…until God gave me a specific dream  and followed it up with confirmation the following morning when my pastor preached a message about Jumpers. Long story short, I’m no longer afraid, so somebody better beware.               I begin to see the great sacrifice Jesus paid for me on the Cross, and the benefits… how dare I waste it! I want you to know that His death wasn’t just for me, but for you. Will you recieve it? I want you to get up and get out! But there’s someone else who needs to get out too! 

5 Ways to Get Up and Get Out            (Refer to Psalm 139:12, 19-22)

Shine Down Your Light From Heaven Lord                                                               (verse 12)

1. Ask God to shine His light on you and in you. 

I begin praying over myself. Casting out everything I could think of. Things or spirits I feared, things from my past, anything I felt has attached itself to me, and everything God would reveal to me. I would ask God to shine light on me, and reveal everything that’s hiding. You see sis, God sees everything. We can’t hide from Him and neither can Satan,

When God reveals truth or sin, please don’t be afraid to move forward in healing. Shame may poke its ugly head up, but let God’s truth cast it out, and you move forward in victory! 

Get Out Of My Life You Murderer!               (Verse 19) 

2. Tell the Enemy to get out! 

 And mean it! Be brave tell your enemy to get the heck out!  David did it best!  He had no room or time for his enemies, and with authority told them to leave. I may have seemed crazy, or sounded crazy. I’m pretty sure my puppy was wondering why mommy was yelling. But no! Satan will not bully me any longer. 

That Ain’t The God I Serve                            (Verse 20)

3. Know who God is to you. Know that He loves you and is for you. Reverence and speak highly of God before your accuser Satan. He can’t stand it. He hates you and God. He has no reverence for God, and speak lies of what God can be to and for you. Do not believe his lives. Keep pressing. 

You better ask somebody                             (Verse. 21)

4. Don’t be afraid to ask God questions. He’s your Father. Didn’t He tell us to “Ask and it will be given to you.” (Mathew 7:7). You better get your answer girl. Just make sure you patiently wait for your answer. I would say, “Is there anything else God?”  And He would sometimes automatically show me. Don’t be afraid. We have a good Father in Heaven who loves us, but doesn’t want us to stay the same. Ask! 

Make God’s Enemies Your Enemies           (Verse 22)

5. As I mentioned before, I was afraid of the Devil. He’s been bullying me since I was 5. That only means to me that he knows something. I mean he’s tried to KILL me in my mother’s womb. At 5 years old he’s tried to STEAL my identity through molestation.  And at 11 years old he tried to DESTROY  me with Cancer! Come on!!! There ain’t no way homeboy ain’t upset about my destiny!!! He’s going all out to get rid of me. HE IS MY ENEMY! He wants my life. 

I know you’re tired of fighting. But Satan wants your life. And you have to want your life more than he does. That’s how you win! ~Angel Victoria 

Do you hate him enough to fight back? Do you hate him with a perfect hatred? Do you want to walk in victory against your enemy? Well then GET UP AND GET OUT! Come out of that dungeon of depression and despair! Walk up out that pit of poverty! Turn and run away fast from that luring lake of lust! Stake your claim as a Child of God, and walk in the authority Christ so willingly and graciously paid for! You can do it sis! I love you and I’m pray for all who read this. For the boldness and courage to come from where you are and live and remain free! In Jesus’s Powerful Name. Amen!