Worry gets you no where! I’m on a journey where I’m working out those big kinks in my life. The things I’ve held on for far too long. And we know those can both be frightening and hard to loose, and can cause us to not go through the process, but fear not, God is with us. If you struggle with worry, understand that the spirit behind that is anxiety or fear, and we all know “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear.” (2 Timothy 1:7) . It doesn’t belong to you. Don’t carry what’s not yours. I often get on people when they say, “My diabetes” “My stress”  “My depression” it is not yours. If you continue to claim it, it will attach itself to you. Remember power is in our mouth! Anxiety and worry are not yours sis! Cast them down where they belong and let Jesus help you! Remember you are not in this alone. I’m here to help. Comment below or visit me at http://www.thejourney2gether.com Love you sis! #WhatGodSaysWednesdays

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