Scroll Control

I have been reluctant to blog about this, but I was encouraged to share. 😝 I want to be faithful to my blog name… The Journey 2GetHer (To Get Her). I’m really on this journey to find out ALL that I am in Christ. And I’ve made many adjustments in my life. Now, I’ve attempted this journey before, but this is the most consistent I’ve been in it… With the Lord’s help of course. God changed my location…lol! I’ve changed my diet… I am now a practicing Vegetarian. I now have an actual schedule. I’m still working on that budget…halfway there. I workout 4-5 times a week (a miracle). And I have put myself on “Scroll Control”

Scroll Control? 

What the heck is Scroll Control. Well in the season I am in, I don’t have a lot of things I am desiring. I noticed, maybe two months…or three…ago, that a sistah was getting frustrated, angry, jealous, and overly…well, judgemental(that took me a while to type out) as I scrolled through social media. Though I didn’t post about it, but inwardly I did! I mean I felt like God was being so mean to me, not letting me have what I wanted, but noooooooo, He’s giving it to everyone else, and that wasn’t fair. And when I say judgemental, I’d say things like: “Aww, heck naw, she’s getting married? God, she’s like 13!”, or  “What the heck! God, she’s getting married again? Can I have a stinkin turn? Dang!” or “Alright, now this ain’t fair! They ain’t even married, and they get to have babies?” 😳😒 So yeah, that’s the truth. And I’m not that proud to admit it. I wasn’t mad at the peoole, just the situation. Especially when they weren’t happening to me. But that also showed the areas I needed to grow up in. 👀

So something had to change, and change fast. So I put myself on Scroll Control. I completely got off of my favorite… Instagram, and I was only allowed to get on Facebook to check Messages, Post on my page, or scroll only on my page. No Scrolling down my news feed or going on anyone else’s page. (Yes, I could respond to who tags me).  It’s a cure to comparison I tell you that! I miss seeing what people are up too, but it even shows me who my real friends are. 😁 Seriously, who’s calling to check up on me?  I’ve also had the chance to actually call others, rather than scroll and “like”. It’s  been a mental blessing too.

So, anyways, yeah that’s “Scroll Control”… Highly recommended… Father approved. I’m learning to appreciate myself and where God has me. Comparison is a death trap. So though these days it’s not the norm, try it. It’ll change your life!

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