“There’s beauty in your mess…just keep digging!” ~Angel Victoria

Hey, Welcome to my Blog! My name is Angel Victoria and i am so excited that you have stumbled across this page. I love everything, simple, beautiful, and Jesus! I have a puppy named Bethany (Pug mix [Pug +Rat Terrier= Wild Child]. I love to decorate, sing, listen to music (esp. movie soundtracks), and watch movies. I love women’s ministry. I’m a student at Liberty University Online and just became an online Student at the New York Institute for Art & Design.

You’re probably wondering Why “2GetHer”? Well I am her…and maybe you are her. Maybe you have been looking for her. In a world we can so easily get lost in, I wanted to commit to a journey with anyone interested in finding out who they are and living out their full potential. I’d love to help you, by simply walking out the journey with you. We are in this 2Gether

“2GetHer” is two-fold. In order  “2GetHer”(to get her), we must do this “2Gether”(together). It’s that simple. My friends know that i keep it real, and I always use my life and experiences to help anyone in need. I firmly believe that you can’t take anyone anywhere you’ve never been. So, come on! Let’s Go Find her!

Love your sis,                                                        Angel