Hey you… Yes you

Hey you! Pay close attention.  #YouAreEnough maybe you can’t whip up the courage to believe it right now…Life threw you a curve ball this year, right? I understand. May you got divorced, separated, cheated on, lost some friends…

But don’t let that determine who “You” are! Another person’s choice or decision should not dictate who #You are. It shouldn’t make you go out and try to become something you are not. That’s what we do right?

We pile on things to make it seem like we’re accomplished, trying to prove to that person “I got it together boo”. We become this complete stranger, only to be let down more. 

We become defiant, rebellious, bitter, etc. And we feel everyone is against us, right? 

Let’s try something new. Gather yourself….and Let God transform your mind and you find yourself in him. Not the decisions of others. You can do this! #YouAreBetterThanThis It gets #Better So much better! 

Great Things are coming!!! #GreatThingsIn18

Go Get Her! 

angel new you165422694..jpg

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. Life has been mentally busy for me. With the new year coming,  I’ve basically decided to start my new year now.  I mean, why wait?  I’ve also decided to adopt the phrase, “New Year, New Mindset”, because I will always be “me”, but “me” won’t become better unless my mind changes. (T-shirt coming soon). So I’m investing in myself, mentally. I’m ditching the past for the future. In all honesty, I’m scared. My past has been my go to person. This moment has always been a thought, and now it’s happening. But I’m willing to take the risk of becoming the woman God has called me to be.

Some other things I am doing is writing my first book, and my first curriculum for God-Shaped Curriculum. How exciting! My hopes are to find a new adventure here in my new city, Charlotte, and enjoy life. But most of all I desire to have breakthroughs in my personal life. I’m excited to be partnering with God on this.

Why am I blabbing on about what I call my #GreatThingsIn18? Well, because I want you to GO-GET-HER! You are worth finding and worth loving. What is it that you want? What are God’s promises over your life? Have you written them down yet? Go-Get-Her! You are worth it! You were born to discover who you are, who God is, and fulfill your purpose in the Earth. And it’s all possible. So Go-Get-Her!

Love, Angel

Held Back

I remember one of the most devastating times of my childhood. I missed the last part of my second grade year because of the chicken pox. Boo! But that wasn’t the devastation. All I remember was my siblings coming home on the last day of school and my mom informing me that I would be repeating the second grade. I then remember the first day of school of repeating the second grade. The fear and the embarrassment of my old classmates seeing me in the second grade hall and me seeing them in the third grade hall was a sheer nightmare. I had been held back because of my inability to learn. I was a bright kid. I loved learning, but for some reason I didn’t make the cut.

I’m just realizing how much this has effected my life. I see the pattern of my inability to learn in a specific season, only having to go back and have to repeat that season again. Being held back told me I was no good, unable, not smart enough, and inadequate. I believed it and followed suit. I pretended to be dumb at times to avoid being rejected again. I wouldn’t allow myself to be great. And years later I’m still digging myself out of the holes of these lies, and it isn’t easy.

Maybe something similar happened to you. I know it’s difficult to rewire yourself. But there is a real you. That real you has been made by God from the beginning of time since the day you were born. God has a specific plan for you, and maybe life has caused you to think differently. Cease to strive. Breathe! Relax!  Take a moment to ask God “Who am I, really?” “Who did you originally make me to be before all this happened?” Allow Him to redirect and reverse every lie; or every attempt that tries to make you less than who He has meant for you to be.

Your Story has Already Been Written 


24Good morning sis! We’re sitting in front of the Television.  I’m not sure if you have seen the movie “Bruce Almighty” starring funny man Jim Carey. Boy is he a goofball! The movie of course is a hilarious movie about a man dissatisfied with how his life had turned out and decided to challenge God, saying “Smite me Almighty Smiter.” The next day he of course gets a visit from God, played by Morgan Freeman. God challenges him, Bruce, to try to be God. Bruce took the challenge, and for those who haven’t seen I won’t spoil it for you.

One thing I like to do is find out if the movie has commentary or deleted scenes because they often lead to the reasons of why things are the way they are in that movie. In this particular movie, I watched the deleted scenes. There was one scene I wished they hadn’t left out. This is a scene we all could learn from.

(Beware **MOVIE SPOILER ALERT ** Below)  

If you have seen the movie, do you remember the part where Bruce, after deciding to take on the role as God, has to answer the prayers of millions of people? Well, he gets tired and decides to answer “Yes” to everyone. He felt this was the best idea, but in all naturality it caused major issues, not just in his city, but around the world. Everything was connected.

What they didn’t show was before he answered “yes”, he wanted to right a few wrongs in the life of others. One example, a young boy asked God to help him in gym class. He had some testing and he wanted to do well, and not be made fun of by his bullies. Bruce decided to help him. The young man who was heavy set (we would say fat), climbed the rope faster than everyone, having all of his bullies in stare in awe. Bruce felt that he helped the young man, but God, Morgan, showed him opposite.  The bad thing about this was that the young man, who would have become a famous author, and would write books on how to come out of adversity, based on his childhood experiences, would now become a bully, and later take on professional wrestling which got him nowhere, all because Bruce changed his destiny, not realizing the young mans life had already been planned.

Each of us have a purpose in life and believe it or not it has already been written out and planned by God. How do I know this?  

Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began. (Psalm 139:16)

So why would we want to detour from a life already planned? Maybe we don’t believe God will show us.  It could be we aren’t patient enough to wait. Or maybe we don’t like His plans. Possibly the world’s ideas are bigger, better, faster.

Imagine If          

Noah would have not been faithful to God’s plan in building the boat. Abraham decided to stay with his family and not listen to God when he told him to leave his family. Moses would rather have stayed in the palace with Pharaoh, and not rescue his people. Ruth went back home with Orpah. Ester valued being queen over saving her people. Daniel decided to bow. Mary said no to the Angel.  Jesus called the Angel’s down to rescue Him, and decided not to die for us. Paul didn’t travel to Damascus.

How much different would our world be as Believers? Many of us wouldn’t even be here.

Your life matters. Your purpose matters. Going to God about your life matters. If you were not born, think about the lives that wold be impacted.


Sis, I want you to pull out some paper, and really take your time with this. First, sit down and have some quiet time. Think about your life, good and the bad. If those things, good and the bad, would not have happened where would you be? Second,  who surrounded you at those times? If those things wouldn’t have happened, where would others be? Would they be non-existent because of your decisions?

I know sexual abuse is horrific, but I wouldn’t have impacted as many women in my life if my story hadn’t been shared. If Tamar’s, King David’s daughter, story wasn’t in the Bible, I wouldn’t have had any hope after asking God 9 years ago, “Is there anyone I could relate to in the Bible?” Did God do this? No! Someone else decided to trespass against me. We live in a evil and fallen world. But, God helped me through it so I can help others. 90% of the women who surround me have been through sexual abuse, and that’s not a coincidence baby! And guess what, all this was written in my book. I can choose to sink in my sorrows or I can chose to save the lives of others.

Let’s pray,

Father I thank you for my sister reading this at this very moment. She may not understand her life right now, but You do. You tell us that we can “approach your throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Heb 4:6). You also said you know the plans you have for each of us. You didn’t say we couldn’t know them. I pray that my sister will step past fear and see you as a good Father who desires for them to know what You have written about them since the beginning of time. We won’t know what to do in our life without Your plans. We will continue to go after nonsense and waste our time. We can’t afford to waste anymore time. Help us Lord to discover all that you have for us, In Jesus’s name we pray this, Amen!!!

Until, next time sis! Feel free to share what you have learned and discovered about what God has written about you below in the comments. And make sure to invite your friends to the Journey! We’d love to meet her! Love you!

Come out of Hiding

“Are you at peace sis? I’ve invited you on this journey because just strolling through Facebook or Instagram, I see that many of you don’t truly have it! You’re hiding….”

January 4, 2010

Out Of Egypt

This has been on my heart the past couple of days! I begin reading Exodus because I realize that God is Spirit and that many of the Old Testament (which are true stories) show a symbolic picture for us today! We Christians can not let go of the Old Testament. It’s like having a hot without a dog. Or a Para without a Chute(Ouch!) I just want to know what it takes for a gal like me who has struggled in her mind and life most of her life about who she is. I will be thirty in about 24 days and i am tired of going around the same mountain..this year something is gonna change. I want my life to be counted for. I want a true relationship with Jesus. I want better relationships with others. I want to walk in the promises of God on purpose. The last ten years showed me so much! And now the next ten years i want to walk properly in who i am and help others to do the same. Out of egypt, out of the wilderness and into the Promise Land. That means I gotta fight. This was my biggest fear….but i gotta live up to my name.Victoria( Victory, Winner, Conqueror) I want to run this Race with a purpose…not confused about what team I am on or my abilities or what I can bring to the team. I don’t want to prove to anyone anymore who I am…I’m a child of the King!

Show me the Way,


Seven years Later….

This was a journal entry I wrote seven years ago. Where am I on this journey? Has any of this been accomplished? Well, I’m still walking with God, yes, I can’t say gracefully, but I can say I’m graced. It’s God’s grace that keeps this gal afloat. I’ve had my hot without the dog; and I’ve had enough Para’s without the Chutes to last me a life time. You know, those “Ouch” moments. I’ve helped countless women.  I work on my relationship with Jesus daily; I’ve been blessed with beautiful relationships; and my hearts yearning desire is to find purpose.

Speaking of

Purpose. This is what brings me to you today. Come have a seat, right here next to me on my bed. Yes I am still in the bed. When you work the night shift, you have no other choice but to do so. In my welcome blog we met in my front room, but because you are my sister, and I love you even if we haven’t met, I am letting you into my intimate space…my room. Yes, sit right next to me on my cute platform bed, with my cute little gray throws and matching pillows. It’s a place of comfort for me. And what I am now learning in design school is, to make sure each room is themed(I love themes) and designed for a specific reason. My room is for comfort, simplicity, and dreaming. Everything is is strategically placed for my comfort and reach. There is no television in here because I need quietness and peace. I only allow peace in here.

Where’s Your Peace

Are you at peace sis? I’ve invited you on this journey because just strolling through Facebook or Instagram I see that many of you don’t truly have it! You’re hiding behind a screen. You put on a facade as if all is well, but I can read between the lines. We want people to see only what’s good or what would seem to be good to others. I know me, yes me, when I see me. You are me and I am you. The gift we have as women is that we know each other. You want people to see you are surviving marriage or singleness when maybe you’re not. You want people to believe that you are supermom when possibly it is the hardest thing you’ve ever done and it’s tearing you apart. You don’t want people to see that you were broken, nearly crushed from that last break up. You want people to think that ministry is well, when really its a load you’re crying over every night. You want others to think you love that job but…the alcohol you consume afterwards because of stress begs to differ. You may feel unappreciated, burdened, unaccepted, lonely or alone. And then, maybe you’re one that’s been through this all, you understand the pain your sister is going through, and you just want to encourage and be a peace bringer to those who are struggling. Where are you in all of this? I’d love to walk with you on this journey and help you get your peace back. It’s only in the truth that we can be made free.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

You no longer have to hide behind your computer screens, your filters, your made up faces, titles, or your emoji’s. Come out of hiding!

I love the words to the song “Out of Hiding” by Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook:

Come out of hiding, you’re safe here with me. There’s no need to cover what I already see. You’ve got your reasons but I hold your peace. You’ve been on lockdown, and I hold the key.”

So many of us are hiding and on lockdown and we don’t even realize it. Do you want your freedom? I want mine! There are areas in my life since I have written that journal entry, that just don’t seem to match God’s promises for me. I want peace in every area of my life. I know when I don’t have peace. It’s uncomfortable, it’s chaotic, and it’s scary. And I refuse to get to the point of no return or hopelessness. So sister, join me. Take this journey with me. I am confident that God has given me the keys,  and I want to help you get through that door. I want to see you free. Some of you don’t even realize that the door has already been open…for years! I believe He can do it, if you let Him! I believe He can use this Blog. I believe women all over the world will view this Blog, even stumble across it, looking and searching for peace and freedom. And they will be set free. Sister, it may take you out of your comfort zone, but I believe once you decide to start digging…there will be no stopping you. Let’s pray.

Father, we are so grateful to have You leading us and directing our lives today and forever. Thank you for this journey! What seems to be a lifetime to us is only a day for You. You are a great and mighty God, Who loves His Daughter’s. Each of us, you have made so unique and beautiful. You made us for Your pleasure. Sometimes we may not feel like it but You have. Thank you for understanding us and touching our humanity with Your love. Thank You for giving us a way to be with You and know You through Your Son Jesus. And Thank You for the gift of Your remaining and residing Holy Spirit. We can’t live without You, and we can’t have peace or purpose without You. Forgive us for ever trying to do it on our own. Continue to teach us Your ways, Your love and Your truth. We need You. We pray this in the most beautiful Name in the world, the Name of Jesus! Amen!

I love you sis! We will meet again soon. 

If you have any prayer request (for yourself or others) please comment below. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you are ready to start digging! I am in a season of prayer and i want to include you.  Let’s encourage each other!!!