Hey you… Yes you

Hey you! Pay close attention.  #YouAreEnough maybe you can’t whip up the courage to believe it right now…Life threw you a curve ball this year, right? I understand. May you got divorced, separated, cheated on, lost some friends…

But don’t let that determine who “You” are! Another person’s choice or decision should not dictate who #You are. It shouldn’t make you go out and try to become something you are not. That’s what we do right?

We pile on things to make it seem like we’re accomplished, trying to prove to that person “I got it together boo”. We become this complete stranger, only to be let down more. 

We become defiant, rebellious, bitter, etc. And we feel everyone is against us, right? 

Let’s try something new. Gather yourself….and Let God transform your mind and you find yourself in him. Not the decisions of others. You can do this! #YouAreBetterThanThis It gets #Better So much better! 

Great Things are coming!!! #GreatThingsIn18

Held Back

I remember one of the most devastating times of my childhood. I missed the last part of my second grade year because of the chicken pox. Boo! But that wasn’t the devastation. All I remember was my siblings coming home on the last day of school and my mom informing me that I would be repeating the second grade. I then remember the first day of school of repeating the second grade. The fear and the embarrassment of my old classmates seeing me in the second grade hall and me seeing them in the third grade hall was a sheer nightmare. I had been held back because of my inability to learn. I was a bright kid. I loved learning, but for some reason I didn’t make the cut.

I’m just realizing how much this has effected my life. I see the pattern of my inability to learn in a specific season, only having to go back and have to repeat that season again. Being held back told me I was no good, unable, not smart enough, and inadequate. I believed it and followed suit. I pretended to be dumb at times to avoid being rejected again. I wouldn’t allow myself to be great. And years later I’m still digging myself out of the holes of these lies, and it isn’t easy.

Maybe something similar happened to you. I know it’s difficult to rewire yourself. But there is a real you. That real you has been made by God from the beginning of time since the day you were born. God has a specific plan for you, and maybe life has caused you to think differently. Cease to strive. Breathe! Relax!  Take a moment to ask God “Who am I, really?” “Who did you originally make me to be before all this happened?” Allow Him to redirect and reverse every lie; or every attempt that tries to make you less than who He has meant for you to be.

The Ugly Season 

🐛 We all have a ugly phases in life. Even the most beautiful people in life. Mine was 6th  to 7th grade. Now for all my optimistic people, maybe I should say “rough”, but since its my blog… 😊. Middle School was an ugly season for me. I didn’t know how to smile. I was scrawny and lanky. Long hair was in and I didn’t have much…until I discovered weave. I’d just added me one single piece to the back and called it a day.  Boys teased me almost every day. I absolutely hated it. I wasn’t sure in who I wanted to be. I was picked on for being a church girl. This stopped around 7th grade when I began to play sports. I got out of my tomboy phase my sophomore year…finally! My body of course changed into a beautiful athletic build, boys gave me attention, and sports gave me a reason to hold my head up. It’s been over 20 years, and I hadn’t felt like that…until this season  of my life. 

Age 37, overweight, searching for purpose. The enemy constantly teasing and accusing. Just the other day I said, “God, I never felt so ugly, so hopeless, and useless.” Now,  I’m not just talking about the lack of beauty, but in the sense of feeling. I feel…unpleasant while everything around me says “beauty”. 

How Does God Respond? 

While walking my puppy,  she discovers that her favorite tree has taken on some new friends. I quickly yank her away not knowing what they were at first. But at closer glance, they were only caterpillars. In which I think are ugly. So I take a picture and post it saying, “Sick 😝🤢“. I thought everyone would agree, but people begin to tell stories only of beauty. This automatically made me feel bad. Am I so consumed with what I feel is a “Ugly Season” that everything around me is now ugly? As a precious friend explained,

I remembered what I had told God the day before.  He heard me, probably laughed or smiled. He loves me enough to send imagery and wisdom from others. That’s my God. Opening my eyes to His reality.  

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

What a beautiful scripture. Encouragement for those going through the “ugly season”, rough patch, or process. There is a promise on the other side. May God give you a reason to hold your head up high.🦋 


God says you are worth it! Knowing your worth gives you new eyes to see. Knowing your worth breaks every lie the enemy has spoken over you and keeps you out of sabotaging relationships. Know that your true worth is found with Christ in God. Take His paths towards finding value! #ItsWorthIt

The Art of Letting Go


There is an art to letting go. It has us going back to the basics of being a believer in Christ Jesus. It has us going back and visiting the moment we said yes. Before we became a know it all in “All things Christ.” Before we got caught up in the wars of true grace, religious spirits, judging, and every other area we feel we can justify ourselves. It’s before we decided that there were more ways to Christ then His perfect sacrifice on the Cross. The more I think about it the more I see how the plate in front of me has become too big for me to eat, when I’ve been warned to slow down.

I’ve been a believer for only 15 years, yes only 15. If you are new at this don’t be discouraged, be very grateful that you don’t have much to unlearn. As for me I am dedicated to learning and unlearning anything that hinders me from having victory in Christ Jesus.  And if you are reading this blog and you aren’t a Christian or a Believer in Christ, hopefully by the time you’re done reading this you’ll understand what’s going on and won’t be hindered in your search for Him.

Quick History Lesson

The Pharisees, also known as the separated ones, started out well with a movement for purity for the things of the Lord, but didn’t care too much for the Gentiles, non-Jewish or heathen. Their zealous fight for that separation turned out to be the very thing Jesus taught against, “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Yes there should be a seperation from the practice of worldly things (Read Romans 12:2), but it should never cause you to hate others. This only leads to pride and self-righteousness. The Sadducees, were men who were particularly wealthy and were in places of political authority. They were against the oral law of the Pharisees and didn’t believe in angels, demons, resurrection or the coming Messiah. And the Scribes, they were a group of people who were well educated and who’s job was to teach and interpret the law. They were also the ones who prosecuted the people who violated the law. This is who Saul, now Paul was. They belonged to the party of Pharisees. The sad thing is,  that they covered up Scriptures with their man-made law, adding to what God had given Moses. Not good! This only added rules, crushing the spirit of the Jewish community.

Do you see where I’m going with this? What you are seeing now is only being revisited by the Christian Community. And I only told you about three groups, but there are many more. In our day they are called denominations. And we rip and tear at each other. Thinking one is better and only one is right. All who claim, “God said…”

I Apologize

Let me first apologize to both you and the new Believers. First to the new Believer: I’m sorry that maybe right now you are utterly confused about what you should be like as a Christian. You are not crazy, you just entered a crazy, yet familiar time even Jesus had to face with the three groups I mentioned above, the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. All who were God’s chosen people the Israelites. Who throughout time decided to take matters into their own hands.

I apologize for your frustrations. I pray that you are in a community of Believers who simply walk by faith and the authority of Christ. You will know them by their fruit, not just by how many people attend their church, but by the love of the people who attend that church accompanied by the souls won, discipled, and sent out.

In many years where people got it wrong, they are now turning back to how to do this thing called Life in Christ, correctly! You are blessed to not have entered that way of thinking at all. So hold on. Keep walking by faith.

To the non-believer: You are on the outside looking in, saying what the heck is going on? I’m sorry if the name Christian disgusts you or turns you away from the very person you are looking for, and that is Jesus. Our actions are now speaking louder than our words, and we don’t have to even say anything to prove we have ventured far off from the Gospel of Christ.

 Because of our insecurities with each other, we have become the same with you.

I apologize if you have felt rejected or bullied into becoming “One of us” when none of us died for you. Christ died for you, and for me. Look for Him, not us. Now let me clarify something. I say us, because I do represent the church, but please believe me when I say that not everyone in the church are alike. Just like they had the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes back in the days of Jesus, there were still those who truly followed Christ. They weren’t perfect, but they believed in the Perfect One. And these were his disciples. It’s his disciples who changed the world, His disciples who were persecuted for sticking with what He taught and believed, His disciples who even loved on and talked to Saul, now Paul, after he persecuted and killed off their friends and even family members. After God got ahold of him, they showed the love of Christ and welcomed him into the family of faith. He in turn, with the help of Christ, changed history.  So I welcome you and invite you into the greatest love you’ll ever ever know. I pray you can look past the dysfunction of the human being and look to Christ, the Author and finisher of our faith.

In saying all of this. There is an art of letting go and returning to what Christ started in your heart and life. Regardless of how long you have been in this walk you can turn back to what was originally started in you, and this is how:

1. Repent and ask God to forgive you for taking over what He started.

2. Hand the Reigns back over to Him and you get back into the passengers seat.

3. Pick up your Bible and READ IT for yourself, study it, and pray for God to give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to be able to live it out.

4. Live it Out


Father I thank you so much for your patience with us. You say you are being patient with us because you don’t want any of us destroyed but you want everyone to repent(Read 2 Peter 3:9). So we repent in how we have dismantled  your truths, each other and those who don’t know You yet. Forgive us for any pride or self-righteousness. You are a good and Perfect God to imperfect people, and You still love us. Help us to turn back to what you started in us and help us to stop trying to go our own way. It’s causing dysfunction and hurt. We are Your body, Your Church, and if one thing is out of place so is everything else. Restore us Lord, in the name of Jesus I pray this,  Amen.

If you are not a believer in Jesus yet, or you’re considering, you can ask Him into your life right now and He will take it from there,  if you let Him. He wants to start a good work in your life. 😊 Just simply ask Him to come in. Then turn from what you do, and face Him, turning your back completely on your way of living. Find you a good Bible believing, Christ following, people loving church. Remember, no one is perfect, just being perfected.


What’s Your Mountain

“You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” – Unknown 

This quote blew my mind as I read it on a gentleman’s blog! I actually started dancing at work when I saw it. Of course it reminded me of what Jesus said in Mark 11:23, ” I tell you the truth, you can say to the mountain…” And then I begin thinking  of the mountains I face…Are they there for me to conquer, so I can help others see they can do the same? Many people don’t realize they can do something until it’s proven in the lives of others. I smile at mountains now, with plans in hand,  ready to conquer. 

What are your mountains? Let’s decided 2GetHer TODAY! We’re gonna tell it to move. And then we’re gonna show others how to do the same!!!!!