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Go Get Her! 

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. Life has been mentally busy for me. With the new year coming,  I’ve basically decided to start my new year now.  I mean, why wait?  I’ve also decided to adopt the phrase, “New Year, New Mindset”, because I will always be “me”, but “me” won’t become better unless my mind changes. (Tshirt coming soon). So I’m investing in myself, mentally. I’m ditching the past for the future. In all honesty, I’m scared. This moment has always been a thought, and now it’s happening. But I’m willing to take the risk of becoming the woman God has called me to be.

Some other things I am doing is writing my first book, and my first curriculum for God-Shaped Curriculum. How exciting! My hopes are to find a new adventure here in my new city, Charlotte, and enjoy life. But most of all I desire to have breakthroughs in my personal life. I’m excited to be partnering with God on this.

Why am I blabbing on about what I call my #GreatThingsIn18? Well, because I want you to GO-GET-HER! You are worth finding and worth loving. What is it that you want? What are God’s promises over your life? Have you written them down yet? Go-Get-Her! You are worth it! You were born to discover who you are, who God is, and fulfill your purpose in the Earth. And it’s all possible. So Go-Get-Her!

Love, Angel

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Held Back

I remember one of the most devastating times of my childhood. I missed the last part of my second grade year because of the chicken pox. Boo! But that wasn’t the devastation. All I remember was my siblings coming home on the last day of school and my mom informing me that I would be repeating the second grade. I then remember the first day of school of repeating the second grade. The fear and the embarrassment of my old classmates seeing me in the second grade hall and me seeing them in the third grade hall was a sheer nightmare. I had been held back because of my inability to learn. I was a bright kid. I loved learning, but for some reason I didn’t make the cut.

I’m just realizing how much this has effected my life. I see the pattern of my inability to learn in a specific season, only having to go back and have to repeat that season again. Being held back told me I was no good, unable, not smart enough, and inadequate. I believed it and followed suit. I pretended to be dumb at times to avoid being rejected again. I wouldn’t allow myself to be great. And years later I’m still digging myself out of the holes of these lies, and it isn’t easy.

Maybe something similar happened to you. I know it’s difficult to rewire yourself. But there is a real you. That real you has been made by God from the beginning of time since the day you were born. God has a specific plan for you, and maybe life has caused you to think differently. Cease to strive. Breathe! Relax!  Take a moment to ask God “Who am I, really?” “Who did you originally make me to be before all this happened?” Allow Him to redirect and reverse every lie; or every attempt that tries to make you less than who He has meant for you to be.

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You need to Get up and Get Out! 

“You stay where you wanna stay!” – Real Talk Kim                                       

 It’s been suggested once that my approach can seem a bit insensitive concerning the feelings of others who are dealing with things I haven’t been through, but if you really knew me and my heart to see women free, you’d know that even if the issue you deal with is something I’ve been through or not, its the residue left behind from that particular issue that I have a problem with, not the person. It’s about what’s BEING done to you that gets me tee’d off.  Don’t let my quietness during a conversation, my asking of questions, or referral to Scripture seem like judgment or lack of passion.  It’s the schemes of the enemy that pisses me off. How he gets us to buy into his stupid lies.  How he has women claiming things that aren’t theirs.  How he has us not knowing our authority in Christ, and passive in our movement. We stay stuck for years, blaming others, the world and God! We have a enemy who we have learned to tolerate. And until we learn to have a perfect hatred for our enemy like David had for his, Satan will continue to bully us until he completes his only job, which is to utterly steal, kill, and destroy! How good of a job is he doing in your life? 

 This Generation

This generation has canceled out who Satan is in the Earth. They no longer make known his doings; they blame themselves; sickness and disease are only known to be natural and no longer spiritual with root causes; we fight against each other…not him. You guys! Can’t you see what we are lacking? The basics of the Word of God. Scripture backs up everyone of these situations.

This generation of believers tend to be a little lost, I will explain this more in my “How big is your But?” blog. We have denied our rights to be healed, set free, and delivered. I’m talking about my generation. And we can have every excuse about who did what… But guess what,  that solves nothing and also proves what I just said, we deny Christ the opportunity to be all that He can be…at least for our lives. Unbelief easily blocks what God has for us! But God’s not gonna stop working for those who do believe. And you know who they are. You know those Believers, the ones with Joy, even though they are or are not going through something. The ones willing to go out and spread the gospel for real-for real. The ones not fixated on themselves. The ones you scoff at and secretly bet they have to be faking or being religious, cause there ain’t no way they can have all that peace or joy. Yes they can! And the reason they have, is because they have received what Christ has offered and have no excuses! They Got up!   Jesus still heals and delivers. I’m not just talking about sickness and disease; but mindsets, disorders, demons, etc. It’s sad that healing or deliverance for the Believer is straight up unheard of or even unacceptable in the church, and has become second nature to us.

 Why am I talking about this today? Because I was thinking about why we aren’t like the people the in the Bible…the ones Jesus healed, and delivered. And and when I read their stories over and over again, they have these three things in common : 1.) They WENT after it, 2.) They WANTED it. 3.) They BELIEVED Jesus could do it! Do we? 

He Was Lame

John 5 tells us of the man who had been lame for over 38 years. But guess what:

  1. Everyone there was in the same situation he was in. 

2. He had his excuses, but when Jesus offered healing,  he could have continued to give an excuse but didn’t. 

3. He recieved what was offered and then… he got up! And everyone else stayed right where they were. 

Jesus is willing to heal you, but are you willing to receive it and then get up and walk…regardless of how long its been? 

38 Years…Aint gonna happen boo? 🤔

I love this story so much because I can relate. I decided at the age of guess what…age 37, to get up and Get Out! It took some time and some small steps. Y’all, I ain’t waitin by nobodies pool to be healed. I refuse to go into 38 bound! My decision was yesterday while lying in bed. I found myself in a deliverence session, alone and with God. The angels were my elders. I was praying out loud with authority, which is a miracle. You are the first that I’ve ever told this to, but I was always afraid to pray out loud, for myself,  fearing that Satan would hear me and hurt me. Yes, me Angel, the fearless warrior! I’m letting you in… we’re on a journey for growth together, right? I can pray for everyone else, but not me. Yes that WAS  me…until God gave me a specific dream  and followed it up with confirmation the following morning when my pastor preached a message about Jumpers. Long story short, I’m no longer afraid, so somebody better beware.               I begin to see the great sacrifice Jesus paid for me on the Cross, and the benefits… how dare I waste it! I want you to know that His death wasn’t just for me, but for you. Will you recieve it? I want you to get up and get out! But there’s someone else who needs to get out too! 

5 Ways to Get Up and Get Out            (Refer to Psalm 139:12, 19-22)

Shine Down Your Light From Heaven Lord                                                               (verse 12)

1. Ask God to shine His light on you and in you. 

I begin praying over myself. Casting out everything I could think of. Things or spirits I feared, things from my past, anything I felt has attached itself to me, and everything God would reveal to me. I would ask God to shine light on me, and reveal everything that’s hiding. You see sis, God sees everything. We can’t hide from Him and neither can Satan,

When God reveals truth or sin, please don’t be afraid to move forward in healing. Shame may poke its ugly head up, but let God’s truth cast it out, and you move forward in victory! 

Get Out Of My Life You Murderer!               (Verse 19) 

2. Tell the Enemy to get out! 

 And mean it! Be brave tell your enemy to get the heck out!  David did it best!  He had no room or time for his enemies, and with authority told them to leave. I may have seemed crazy, or sounded crazy. I’m pretty sure my puppy was wondering why mommy was yelling. But no! Satan will not bully me any longer. 

That Ain’t The God I Serve                            (Verse 20)

3. Know who God is to you. Know that He loves you and is for you. Reverence and speak highly of God before your accuser Satan. He can’t stand it. He hates you and God. He has no reverence for God, and speak lies of what God can be to and for you. Do not believe his lives. Keep pressing. 

You better ask somebody                             (Verse. 21)

4. Don’t be afraid to ask God questions. He’s your Father. Didn’t He tell us to “Ask and it will be given to you.” (Mathew 7:7). You better get your answer girl. Just make sure you patiently wait for your answer. I would say, “Is there anything else God?”  And He would sometimes automatically show me. Don’t be afraid. We have a good Father in Heaven who loves us, but doesn’t want us to stay the same. Ask! 

Make God’s Enemies Your Enemies           (Verse 22)

5. As I mentioned before, I was afraid of the Devil. He’s been bullying me since I was 5. That only means to me that he knows something. I mean he’s tried to KILL me in my mother’s womb. At 5 years old he’s tried to STEAL my identity through molestation.  And at 11 years old he tried to DESTROY  me with Cancer! Come on!!! There ain’t no way homeboy ain’t upset about my destiny!!! He’s going all out to get rid of me. HE IS MY ENEMY! He wants my life. 

I know you’re tired of fighting. But Satan wants your life. And you have to want your life more than he does. That’s how you win! ~Angel Victoria 

Do you hate him enough to fight back? Do you hate him with a perfect hatred? Do you want to walk in victory against your enemy? Well then GET UP AND GET OUT! Come out of that dungeon of depression and despair! Walk up out that pit of poverty! Turn and run away fast from that luring lake of lust! Stake your claim as a Child of God, and walk in the authority Christ so willingly and graciously paid for! You can do it sis! I love you and I’m pray for all who read this. For the boldness and courage to come from where you are and live and remain free! In Jesus’s Powerful Name. Amen! 

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Is  Marriage That bad? Help Me to Believe Again… Please!  

Then God looked over all that He had made, and He saw that it was very good (Genesis 1:31)

From the beginning God declared marriage to be a good thing. Soon after God said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone. God made His first declaration for partnership.  So when did it go bad?  Many would say it happened after the fall. Did God make a bad decision? No. So, how could something so good be so bad? 

My discussion on this comes from my heart, and not from a critical place, or against married people. I’m not a Jezabel seeking attention. I just want an honest answer.  It also doesn’t come from a place of ignorance, for common sense knows we don’t have to be in something to have wisdom about it. This is honestly and purely about relationships. So before you perk up your lips, sis hear me out.   Relationships are all around us. They have different levels, but if you look closely they are the same…every relationship as a believer either brings you closer to Christ or away from him. Relationships bring you growth and strengthens you where you need it. I heard a young man say, 

Maybe people are put in our lives to teach us to be more like Christ.

 I live amongst both the married and the single.  I learn a lot from them both, and contrary to popular belief, neither are better or less than the other. I grow weary, especially in the Christian arena, concerning marriage. How it’s so easily discouraged rather than encouraged to marry. Believe me, I’ve heard my share of why I shouldn’t get married.  It use to be different. And regardless the generation, the decisions to marry and endure marriage truly boils down to you and how you relate to others. 

I can hear people, while reading this say, “She won’t know until she’s married”. I get that all the time, especially from newly weds(that cracks me up… “Wait you’ve been married for how many days?” … Nevermind). Anyways you’re right, I won’t know until I’m married, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced relationships. Relationships build and grow you. Just like it isn’t easy being in relationships with friends, it isn’t easy being in relationships with a husband or a wife. Especially if you are learning to become one. 

Tell Me Something Good

 I had a guy friend some years back. We never got into a relationship, but I remember many times when we’d meet up, I’d come to him immediately about how bad of a day I was having. I think it was like that “nagging wife” issue the Bible talks about in Proverbs 15:17; 21:9; 21:19, and 25:24 (dang, I didn’t realize how much Solomon talked about a nagging wife… Well he did have 700 wives…there had to be a few naggers in there). Anyways, it got to the point, with this young man, that after I’d give him my sob story, he’d say, “Tell me something good”. I quickly realized how my negative view point on life became a discouragement to him. I finally caught on and started focusing on what’s good. This changed things for us. 

How much can your good words and thoughts about marriage change things around you? And give hope for others. 

The other week, I struggled with my significance in this world. I felt like I was just going through the motions. God had a really good talk with His sweet little Angel. He said, “Stop focusing on what’s bad, and begin to focus on what is good.” He encouraged me further saying,  “You have your youth, and your strength.” “You are a healthy, beautiful 37 year-old woman.” You live in a beautiful city.” “You have great jobs.” As He spoke these things, my heart became encouraged. I saw beyond my issues and I saw the truth. It blessed me something serious. My whole cry to you married folks is just Tell me something good. 

There Has to be Something Good About Marriage 

There just has to be.  Build me up with something good. Not many people enjoy the hardship of building a home, but the stories of how it became what it was,  is always beautiful and encouraging. It needs balance. With every negative there has to be a positive, right? Let me know that marriage is still good. Let me know that I can believe and trust that God still says it is good. I know it can be difficult. “You ain’t gotta lie Craig, you ain’t gotta lie.” (that’s for my Friday fans… “Bye Felicia!”) But seriously, if you can be honest with me about hard times you can be honest about the good ones.

All Things From God Are Good

So, what is that saying? Marriage is from God… and it’s still good. And just because bad things surface doesn’t mean it’s no longer good. Just because you crumple up a $100 bill doesn’t mean it loses its value. Just because a storm comes, it doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining on the other side of it.  So are you the problem? Is your spouse the problem? How can you make it good again? Remember lady, you are a “good” thing! 

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22)

You always have to keep that at the forefront, even when you feel your worst… YOU ARE GOOD! Your reactions and responses at the time may not be right,  but you are his good thing! God has blessed you to bring favor to you hubby! I remember attending one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. They had worship and even an Altar Call. But my favorite part was when the minister asked the groom to look at his bride. As he did, the minister said, “This is your favor!” The groom broke down, and so did I and every other person in the building. Her smile, said she knew that she was his “good” thing. Regardless the years ahead of them, good and the bad, she will forever and always be, good! 

So, before you roll your eyes again at this silly single girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she’s never been married… Let me remind you. The same issue in your heart that you may have struggled even as a single, will continue to be worked on as you get married. Question is, when will you learn to relate?  

Relationships are made to help you relate to someone other than yourself. 

How you learn to relate will steer(ship)  you to a beautiful and successful relationship. Marriage was not made to fix your issues, but to help you walk through them. Relationships, from the beginning, were made for love, and made for companionship. There is good in relationship. There is good in marriage because God has made it…GOOD!

So, okay my married sistahs. Hopefully you have gotten pass the fact that I’m single, and have figured out my heart and realized that I’m not talking about a status, I’m not belittling you, condemning or judging you. I’m honestly looking for you all to tell me that good still exists in marriage. And maybe, just maybe, this can help build up many of my other single sistahs who have been discouraged by the overwhelming negativity surrounding marriage. All we ask is that you be honest by giving us wisdom on the hardships as well as what’s good in marriage. You are our role models, not the Desperate Housewives of whatever city they are in now… Please… 

Tell us something GOOD!!! 

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Your Story has Already Been Written 


24Good morning sis! We’re sitting in front of the Television.  I’m not sure if you have seen the movie “Bruce Almighty” starring funny man Jim Carey. Boy is he a goofball! The movie of course is a hilarious movie about a man dissatisfied with how his life had turned out and decided to challenge God, saying “Smite me Almighty Smiter.” The next day he of course gets a visit from God, played by Morgan Freeman. God challenges him, Bruce, to try to be God. Bruce took the challenge, and for those who haven’t seen I won’t spoil it for you.

One thing I like to do is find out if the movie has commentary or deleted scenes because they often lead to the reasons of why things are the way they are in that movie. In this particular movie, I watched the deleted scenes. There was one scene I wished they hadn’t left out. This is a scene we all could learn from.

(Beware **MOVIE SPOILER ALERT ** Below)  

If you have seen the movie, do you remember the part where Bruce, after deciding to take on the role as God, has to answer the prayers of millions of people? Well, he gets tired and decides to answer “Yes” to everyone. He felt this was the best idea, but in all naturality it caused major issues, not just in his city, but around the world. Everything was connected.

What they didn’t show was before he answered “yes”, he wanted to right a few wrongs in the life of others. One example, a young boy asked God to help him in gym class. He had some testing and he wanted to do well, and not be made fun of by his bullies. Bruce decided to help him. The young man who was heavy set (we would say fat), climbed the rope faster than everyone, having all of his bullies in stare in awe. Bruce felt that he helped the young man, but God, Morgan, showed him opposite.  The bad thing about this was that the young man, who would have become a famous author, and would write books on how to come out of adversity, based on his childhood experiences, would now become a bully, and later take on professional wrestling which got him nowhere, all because Bruce changed his destiny, not realizing the young mans life had already been planned.

Each of us have a purpose in life and believe it or not it has already been written out and planned by God. How do I know this?  

Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began. (Psalm 139:16)

So why would we want to detour from a life already planned? Maybe we don’t believe God will show us.  It could be we aren’t patient enough to wait. Or maybe we don’t like His plans. Possibly the world’s ideas are bigger, better, faster.

Imagine If          

Noah would have not been faithful to God’s plan in building the boat. Abraham decided to stay with his family and not listen to God when he told him to leave his family. Moses would rather have stayed in the palace with Pharaoh, and not rescue his people. Ruth went back home with Orpah. Ester valued being queen over saving her people. Daniel decided to bow. Mary said no to the Angel.  Jesus called the Angel’s down to rescue Him, and decided not to die for us. Paul didn’t travel to Damascus.

How much different would our world be as Believers? Many of us wouldn’t even be here.

Your life matters. Your purpose matters. Going to God about your life matters. If you were not born, think about the lives that wold be impacted.


Sis, I want you to pull out some paper, and really take your time with this. First, sit down and have some quiet time. Think about your life, good and the bad. If those things, good and the bad, would not have happened where would you be? Second,  who surrounded you at those times? If those things wouldn’t have happened, where would others be? Would they be non-existent because of your decisions?

I know sexual abuse is horrific, but I wouldn’t have impacted as many women in my life if my story hadn’t been shared. If Tamar’s, King David’s daughter, story wasn’t in the Bible, I wouldn’t have had any hope after asking God 9 years ago, “Is there anyone I could relate to in the Bible?” Did God do this? No! Someone else decided to trespass against me. We live in a evil and fallen world. But, God helped me through it so I can help others. 90% of the women who surround me have been through sexual abuse, and that’s not a coincidence baby! And guess what, all this was written in my book. I can choose to sink in my sorrows or I can chose to save the lives of others.

Let’s pray,

Father I thank you for my sister reading this at this very moment. She may not understand her life right now, but You do. You tell us that we can “approach your throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Heb 4:6). You also said you know the plans you have for each of us. You didn’t say we couldn’t know them. I pray that my sister will step past fear and see you as a good Father who desires for them to know what You have written about them since the beginning of time. We won’t know what to do in our life without Your plans. We will continue to go after nonsense and waste our time. We can’t afford to waste anymore time. Help us Lord to discover all that you have for us, In Jesus’s name we pray this, Amen!!!

Until, next time sis! Feel free to share what you have learned and discovered about what God has written about you below in the comments. And make sure to invite your friends to the Journey! We’d love to meet her! Love you!